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Hand Painted House Frame and Interchangeable 7 Piece Wood Squares Sets- finished Home Decor

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Interchangeable House Frame - Square Tile Decor, hand painted

These sets and frame are hand painted in our workshop for you! Please note, each is carefully hand painted one at a time and may slightly vary from photos.

NOTE: Our standard 4.25" squares DO fit the houses.

This beautiful statement pieces wood look fabulous as a shelf leaner, hanging on the wall, in the bathroom, kitchen- or anywhere you need a pop of seasonal decor!

Inserts include:
4 squares, banner, circle, and to top it all off, an adorable piece in the chimney!

House Frame- 17.5"x10.5"

Thank you for supporting our small business!! Handmade in Arizona, USA🇺🇸🌵

All of our tiered tray DIY sets come with:
🌵Wood pieces shown
🌵Basic instruction sheet

This is a DIY paint and decorate your own kit. Only the wood items will be sent to you. More photos and ideas can be found on my private VIP facebook group page, request joining after purchase!

See finished ideas in our VIP facebook group!

Thank you for supporting our mom and pop handmade shop, located in Arizona, USA 🌵🇺🇸

Materials: Wood.

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