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Family Tiered Tray Set - Personalized Finished Tiered Tray Bundle - Block Family - Custom Tiered Tray Pieces

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Personalized Family Set for your Tiered Tray Decor, Build Your Family

Follow our simple instructions for building your very own custom "block" style family for your shelf or tiered tray decor!

This item comes 100% stained (pets and hearts are painted) AND assembled (glued and tied with heart if purchased)- unless you ask for them to be loose.

1. Choose the size of the figures to create your family.
2. Add pets if you'd like.
3. Add a heart to tie around.


Depending on family size we will arrange in 1-3 rows. We place the taller (generally parents) in the back and smaller figures in the row. If you have certain place requirements please write a note WITH your order- not separately.

Back Row- this is the row we place the taller figure
Front Row- this is the row we place the shorter figures.

There can me multiple middle rows, depending on your order size!

Made in our little craft shop in the desert of Arizona.ūüĆĶ
Thank you for supporting small business!ūüáļūüáł

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